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Pinecones International Inc. is a Los Angeles-based international general construction company with a bilingual staff. We offer technical translation services for construction and civil engineering along with technical consulting.

Our staff of technical translators has extensive, hands-on experience in construction and civil engineering who are not only qualified translators, but subject area experts.
We also have consulting services related to all aspects of US and Japanese construction industry information, including IBC, UBC, and the Japanese Building Code.
*English to Japanese Translation
Technical staff whose native language is Japanese perform our English to Japanese translation. They have in-depth understanding of the subject matter and solid mastery of the Japanese language including spelling, grammar, and cultural appropriateness.
*Japanese English Translation
Technical staff whose native language is English perform our Japanese to English translation. They have near- native fluency in Japanese. Our translators write clearly and accurately while respecting the original style of your documentation.
*We cover following categories
Estimations, project contracts, civil engineering and construction specification, designs, submittals, schedules, permit documents, meeting minutes, TFR, machinery manuals, inspection reports, work instruction, work manuals, procedure manuals, management reports, quality control documents, email correspondences and related documents
*Technical translation and more
Website, general letters and document, contracts, research and reports about oversea website, technical manuals, instruction manuals, meeting minutes, general reports, patent documents, procedure manuals, quality control manuals, marketing research reports
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