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  • General Construction

  • Survey, Planning, Evaluation, Soil Testing, Topographical Survey, Engineering, Management, Translation, Consulting for construction related

  • Real-estate research and Consulting

  • Office and Restaurant renovation consulting and construction

  • Custom residential construction

  • Import/Export & consulting for construction materials, office furniture, and exterior/interior ornamental parts
Our project management policy
At Pinecones International we believe that high quality design and the expert project management skills are essential to the success of construction projects that we undertake.
We take pride in providing all of the necessary operations work that include estimation, scheduling, quality control, permission approval, equipment and material supply, construction operation, safety control, and maintenance. To perform and complete quality construction work along with successful cost and schedule management, we have developed our own method of "total project management" for design and construction. Pinecones International has successfully completed a long list of projects using our own "total project management" method as a reliable and innovative engineering contractor.
We offer you an experienced design and project management construction service based on our successful work for clients over the years.
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